Overview & Background

I investigate the interplay of perception, action, and belief in situated (mal)adaptive behaviour. This interplay is relevant to physiologically underpinned phenomena, ranging from skilful practices (e.g. musical performance) to psychopathologies (e.g. in psychiatric disorders). To study these phenomena in terms of mechanisms, processess, and systems, my research combines informatics, theoretical & evolutionary neurobiology, ecology, and philosophy / cognitive science.

2018- (current)
Anniversary Fellow
University of Stirling
| Computing Science & Philosophy
Concentration: Auditory & multimodal sensory uncertainty
Project: Computational psychiatry & PTSD
Main output:
Adam Linson & Karl Friston (in review), "Reframing PTSD for computational psychiatry with the active inference framework".
Postdoctoral Fellow & Nominated Fellow
University of Edinburgh
| Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Concentration: Biological & biomimetic adaptive agents
Project: Affordances in complex environments
Main output:
Adam Linson, Andy Clark, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, & Karl Friston (2018), "The active inference approach to ecological perception: General information dynamics for natural and artificial embodied cognition", Frontiers in Robotics and AI 5:21, doi:10.3389/frobt.2018.00021.
Visiting Fellow & Research Associate
University of Oxford
| Faculty of Music
Concentration: Music psychology/cognition
Project: Ecological psychology-based behavioural studies:
action-modulation of perceptual disambiguation in piano improvisation
(presented at Int'l Conf. on Music Perception & Cognition)
Main output:
Adam Linson & Eric F. Clarke (2017). Distributed cognition, ecological theory and group improvisation. In: Distributed Creativity: Collaboration and Improvisation in Contemporary Music, E. F. Clarke & M. Doffman (eds.). New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 52-69.
PhD in Computer Science
Open University (Research School) | Centre for Research in Computing
Concentration: Music psychology/cognition & Robotics/AI
Project: Ecological psychology-based interactive computational agent:
perception-action loop w/ excitation-inhibition mechanisms & allostasis-homeostasis dynamics in piano improvisation
Main output:
Adam Linson, Chris Dobbyn, George E. Lewis, & Robin Laney (2015), "A Subsumption Agent for Collaborative Free Improvisation", Computer Music Journal [MIT Press] 39:4, pp. 96-115.

Further background

Some context on my interweaving of arts, humanities, science, and technology in my current research

Master of Fine Arts (MFA), 2012
Bard College | Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts
Concentration: Music/Sound
Project: Developed works for software-controlled player piano,
w/ generative models & Markov decision processes

Industry work experience: Information technology, 1999-2009
• Led international team in distributed systems development (Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, Madrid) at startup with €35 million VC funding in 3 rounds
• Software & hardware development & integration projects, e.g. embedded systems for industrial telecommunications

BA (Hons), 1998
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) | Department of Philosophy
Concentration: Philosophy of W.V.O. Quine
Project: Perceptual sampling & belief networks (Supervisor: Gila Sher)

Secondary school: Early interest in functional neuroanatomy (see painting, below)
A. Linson, "Motion picture" (detail) [pun on V5], oil on canvas, 1993

Late primary school - present:
• Computing (programming, etc.)
• Music (double bass, etc.)