Adam Linson
This website includes information about my activities in research, doing formal modelling in the life sciences and related philosophy.
Academic bio
Adam Linson is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computing & Communications at the Open University (UK), working across life sciences on neurobehavioral models. His main interest is modelling the effects of stress and time pressure on perceptual uncertainty and behavior. His research areas include neuropsychiatry, ecology, music psychology, and human factors. He also contributes to the humanities and social sciences, bringing his main research into interdisciplinary collaborations, or building directly on his background in philosophy and the arts. He was previously an Anniversary Fellow in Computing and Philosophy at the University of Stirling, and a Fellow or Visiting Fellow at UCL, University of Edinburgh, and University of Oxford. His publications include research articles in Behavioural Brain Research, Cognitive Neuro­psychiatry, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Biology & Philosophy, and Computer Music Journal.
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Recent publications
  • Linson, A., and P. Calvo (2020), Zoocentrism in the weeds? Cultivating plant models for cognitive yield, Biology and Philosophy 35(49)
  • Linson, A., T. Parr, and K. Friston (2020), Active inference, stressors, and psychological trauma: A neuroethological model of (mal)adaptive explore-exploit dynamics in ecological context, Behavioural Brain Research 380: 1-13,
  • more...
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