Adam Linson
This website includes information about my activities in research, doing formal modelling in the life sciences and related philosophy.
Academic bio
Adam Linson is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computing & Communications at the Open University (UK). His research interests include theoretical neurobiology and ecology, comput­ational psych­iatry, and auditory sensori­motor interaction, alongside phil­osophy of biology and philosophy of modelling. He was previously an Anniversary Fellow in Computing and Philosophy at the University of Stirling, and a Fellow or Visiting Fellow at UCL, University of Edinburgh, and University of Oxford. His publications include research articles in Behavioural Brain Research, Cognitive Neuro­psychiatry, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Biology & Philosophy, and Computer Music Journal.
Recent publications
  • Linson, A., and P. Calvo (2020), Zoocentrism in the weeds? Cultivating plant models for cognitive yield, Biology and Philosophy 35(49)
  • Linson, A., T. Parr, and K. Friston (2020), Active inference, stressors, and psychological trauma: A neuroethological model of (mal)adaptive explore-exploit dynamics in ecological context, Behavioural Brain Research 380: 1-13,
  • more...
Email: adam [at] percent [dash] s [dot] com