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Naiel Ibarrola illustration of Sabu Toyozumi, Adam Linson, John Russell, Evan Parker
Sabu Toyozumi, Adam Linson, John Russell, Evan Parker
by Naiel Ibarrola for online jazz magazine Tomajazz (Spain)
Caption (translated): "John Russell, Evan Parker, Sabu Toyozumi, and Adam Linson enveloped the absorbed audience of Cafe Oto through three musical landscapes for two sets. It all started with an almost inaudible atmosphere. And textures began to overlap. And their music came to life."

Point of Departure Roundtable (2009) with Lisle Ellis and Adam Linson, moderated by Bill Shoemaker.

A 2007 feature in online double bass magazine Xbass*, in original Italian and English translation. (*As the site no longer exists, links lead to archived versions.)

Spotted in an epigraph in this fascinating post on automatism in the arts, on David Toop's blog (July 2012).

Label Spotlight on psi Records by Stuart Broomer in the July 2011 New York City Jazz Record, with invited comments from Evan Parker, Adam Linson, Richard Barrett, John Russell, and Peter Evans.
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